Giuliano Agostini

Task Force Member @ TrentinoSviluppo

“Knowing is not enough: we must apply”




Industry 4.0


Engineer consultant


6 weeks


Nov-Dec 2020

The team:


Management engineer consultant


Engineer consultant




Service designer

The “Metal+” team is made of five people with different backgrounds. Even if we met six weeks ago we were able to form a tight-knit group thanks to our common passion for innovation and technology.


Weekly reports to the company allowed us to present the data in a more visual and interactive way.

With the AGILE method we learned how to solve every problem with proactive discussions. It led us to divide every objective in smaller milestones and to solve minor problems one by one.

Thanks to our coach’s lessons we learned some methodologies and applied them during this six-week experience.

Working together day by day throughout the project helped us better understand each other and work in a cohesive environment.

The short span of time of the project forced us to be extremely focused on our objective, to be proactive in finding solutions and generating value.


“Metalworking” is a company specialized in metal processing and mechanical equipment.

The sudden growth of the company brought to light organizational and communication issues. In order to address these problems, we developed an interactive solution “METAL+”: an App able to control and organize the manufacturing process in real time.

what is momento task force?

Momento is an ecosystem that has the ambitious objective of enabling a fluid exchange among the top management of companies and the first generation of digital natives.

The Task Force program is a six-weeks path, divided into training and development, that wants to connect young digital natives with companies to innovate their products and processes. 

The Scintille 2021 edition gathered 25 talents, selected from a pool of more than 300 applicants. Grouped in 5 heterogeneous teams, each followed by an Agile Coach and a Company Mentor, they were able to ideate, validate and refine 5 innovative solutions to the firm’s problem statement.

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