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Bonfiglioli Mechatronic Research




Business Developer


6 weeks


Nov-Dec 2020

The team:

Lo dico

Business Developer







The Team is made up of five young students from different backgrounds: management, computer engineering, aerospace engineering, UX/UI design. They share common values – such as curiosity, an innovative mindset, high motivation, and strong problem-solving skills.


Despite University commitments, the team managed to achieve the established objectives, effectively managing time and planning activities. One of the fundamental tools that made this possible is the Stand-up Meeting, whose main purpose is setting daily tasks.

By learning and understanding the Agile Method and applying its principles on a weekly and daily basis – such as learning by doing, deliver outputs at short notice, adapt easily to changes and feedbacks.

By researching, collecting, analysing information and discussing it with the company, in order to develop solutions for complex problems and interpret data to gain more insights about the market.

By working in a heterogeneous team from different backgrounds, defining weekly goals and tasks, and improving effective communication and tasks allocation.

By deeply identifying and understanding the underlying issues and then implementing and evaluating the potential solution implementing a plan – through brainstorming, discussion and creative thinking.

By communicating continuously, sharing information during the project development, and providing weekly presentations regarding the team’s results and achievements.


Bonfiglioli is a family-run Italian company, with a global presence in the market of industrial automation, mobile machinery, and wind energy (gearboxes, gearmotors, inverters and electric motors).

The team cooperated with the Bonfiglioli Mechatronic & Motion system unit, with the goal of developing an App for motion control and inverters monitoring. To do so, the team worked on market analysis, data modeling, App development, business idea and model design, and the definition of the pricing strategy. 

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