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“Creative people are unsatisfied of the status quo”






Marketing Analyst


6 weeks


Nov-Dec 2020

The team:


Marketing Analyst


Service UX Designer


Business Developer


UX Designer

The Bauer team is a melting pot of enthusiastic, curious and PMI lover people. Our different backgrounds and experiences allowed us to perform and project three innovative solutions for our client.


A design sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market. The process aims to help teams to clearly define goals, validating assumptions and deciding on a product roadmap before starting development. It seeks to address strategic issues using interdisciplinary, rapid prototyping, and usability testing. The support of our Agile Coach taught us how to manage these different phases. Readily recalibrating proposals and solutions to repeat the sprint and seek even more mature and significant validations.

The moments of brainstorming and concept ideation are when everyone is very volcanic and proactive. It is important that there is someone who remains lucid to guide these creative processes and to remember the focus of the problem in order to reach it in the most effective way without letting the team fall for unsolvable ideas.

Learning to manage time in order to coordinate the team’s energies and effort was essential in this growth path to achieve more objectives in an efficient and functional way for the development of the project.

Although the remote environment, the daily video calls allowed us to connect with one another and work together to achieve the common goal. Clear task divisions and willingness to bring results home made the team work at its best, also due to the mutual teaching and learning of new capabilities


Bauer food preparations are distinguished by a naturalness that enhances goodness and draws inspiration from Trentino cuisine. The mastery of the craftsmanship, the respect for slow and delicate processes and times do the rest. A production that combines tradition and innovation, in the name of excellence.

Bauer would like to reinforce the perception of the stock cube by its consumers in favor of a transversal use in the kitchen and not only for the preparation of broth; it would also like to communicate in a more effective way the values of the company, attracting customers of different ages and younger.

How could we change this perception and propose practical but innovative solutions?

what is momento task force?

Momento is an ecosystem that has the ambitious objective of enabling a fluid exchange among the top management of companies and the first generation of digital natives.

The Task Force program is a six-weeks path, divided into training and development, that wants to connect young digital natives with companies to innovate their products and processes. 

The Scintille 2021 edition gathered 25 talents, selected from a pool of more than 300 applicants. Grouped in 5 heterogeneous teams, each followed by an Agile Coach and a Company Mentor, they were able to ideate, validate and refine 5 innovative solutions to the firm’s problem statement.

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