Elisabetta Pisetti

Task Force Member @ TrentinoSviluppo

“Pay attention to what users do, not what they say.”






User Research & Prototyping


6 weeks


Nov-Dec 2020

The team:


Business developer


Business Designer


User Research & Prototyping

The team is made up of four students with different backgrounds: product service system design, management, web development, HCI and UX/UI design. An immediately close-knit team that worked on the project by leveraging the diverse abilities and skills of each member.


The weekly program helped us define activities and set concrete goals. Having meetings every Friday with the company forced us to organize and coordinate ourselves in order to finish the tasks on time.

Thanks to our coach’s support we learned the Agile methodology and applied it during this six-week project.
From stand-up meetings to team retrospectives, we developed a new mindset that is now becoming a habit.

We’ve been able to identify and understand the company’s challenges in contexts that were new to us.
By applying the design thinking approach we came up with innovative ideas to tackle those challenges and we were able to propose effective solutions.

We worked together on a daily basis for six weeks, in an heterogeneous team with experience from different backgrounds.
We defined goals and tasks, divided our work, and learned from others while paying attention to make the whole team aware of what has been done.

We had the opportunity to expose ourselves to new and interesting perspectives by collaborating with other people and by understanding their different visions.
Reinventing and iterating upon our ideas according to the context was a key part of the process, and by forcing ourselves to take risks we also explored initially unsupported ideas that later turned out to be successful.


PEDALITALY is the ENDU project dedicated to virtual cycling formats.

Thanks to PEDALITALY you can ride virtually in the most beautiful places in Italy and compete in the best virtual granfondo of the country.

Pedalitaly is the first and only start-up that aims to ideate, create and market virtual and real cycling formats that invite cyclists from all over the world to ride in Italy all year round. The team helped them by defining the business model, with particular focus on customer personas and user journeys.

what is momento task force?

Momento is an ecosystem that has the ambitious objective of enabling a fluid exchange among the top management of companies and the first generation of digital natives.

The Task Force program is a six-weeks path, divided into training and development, that wants to connect young digital natives with companies to innovate their products and processes. 

The Scintille 2021 edition gathered 25 talents, selected from a pool of more than 300 applicants. Grouped in 5 heterogeneous teams, each followed by an Agile Coach and a Company Mentor, they were able to ideate, validate and refine 5 innovative solutions to the firm’s problem statement.

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