Carolyn Ann

Task Force Member @ TrentinoSviluppo






Management consultant


6 weeks


Nov-Dec 2020

The team:


Business developer

Maria Sole



Management Consultant


Management Consultant
The “Iperuranio” team is a heterogeneous and close-knit group in which all members actively contribute to the project development bringing their unique perspective and experience in a variety of fields including UX design, Project management, Statistics and Computer Science. The team-drivers are: Change, Curiosity, Perseverance, Efficiency and Harmony.


Due to the short time we had to plan and organize carefully each step for the entire week in advance. This required a meticulous approach and I had to learn how to effectively manage human resources (teams heterogenous abilities and competences) with time.
Thanks to the support of our coach we learned the agile methodology and we applied it throughout the project. With each stand-up meeting and team retrospective our agile mindset grew stronger and became a natural part of our working routine.
Along this process we have learnt that the key to a successful project is listening to the client’s demands and being prepared to adjust according to their preferences and suggestions. This is what we have done every week after the feedback session with the company.
Reaching weekly goals, showing up for team meetings, and balancing external commitments pushed my time management skills to new heights.
The app prototyping helps teams to learn how users interact with the preliminary product to uncover new solutions or determine whether the existing solution is successful. This experience helped me to get a deep insight on how all the process works and what is the correct method to apply.


Roverplastik is a leading company within the European manufacturing framework. With 40 years of experience, the company is in the forefront for its creativity and technological innovation in the field of window fixtures and products conceived for a comfortable home. The complex structure of the company’s communication system and the consistent number of sales agents involved in it had led to a lack of effectiveness in the information transfer. To solve this problem we developed a simple interactive platform to facilitate the communication between Roverplastik and their final clients. We grounded our solutions on stakeholder interviews, market analysis insights and feedback received from the company.

what is momento task force?

Momento is an ecosystem that has the ambitious objective of enabling a fluid exchange among the top management of companies and the first generation of digital natives.

The Task Force program is a six-weeks path, divided into training and development, that wants to connect young digital natives with companies to innovate their products and processes. 

The Scintille 2021 edition gathered 25 talents, selected from a pool of more than 300 applicants. Grouped in 5 heterogeneous teams, each followed by an Agile Coach and a Company Mentor, they were able to ideate, validate and refine 5 innovative solutions to the firm’s problem statement.

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